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Just published: Tilted Ground

Tilted Ground

Publication: Stone Talks

Stone Talks

Public Art and The Stone Library

Migrating Stone 5 - Los Angeles

In 2016 Alyson was invited by Paul Harris to present her work on migrating stones to the Bellarmine Forum at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles. She gifted the fifth migrating stone to Paul. Its migrations will continue from person to person.

Publication - LZRD - Poems from the Lizard Peninsula
Alyson Hallett and Penelope Shuttle

In this collection of poems drawn from the Lizard Peninsula in Cornwall, land is not just alive and singing, it's full of mischief and mystery and power.

Beaches, serpentine stone, cliffs, chips: the Lizard is a prayer book with the pages in a deliberate wrong order.  The Lizard is a church made of celtic air.

Everything is tinged with salt and freshened with a breeze that's fast and furious off the sea. St. Keverne, Cury, Ruan Minor - wherever LZRD goes, it invites you to the party.

This book opens its doors and says come in, come with us as we travel across this magical land.

For further information and to purchase LZRD please visit Indigo Dreams Publishing

Launch and readings coming in 2019



Poetry Reading

Alyson will be doing a reading/launch on 3rd December 2017 (6.30pm) at the Salt Cafe, Bristol with Penelope Shuttle.

Michael Marks Poetry Award nomination

Alyson's latest publication Toots has been shortlisted for the Michael Marks Poetry Award which recognises an outstanding poetry pamphlet published in the UK between 1st July 2016 and 31st July 2017.


5th Migrating Stone.

In October 2016, Alyson took the 5th migrating stone to Los Angeles. The text on it read: migran en silencio las piedras por el mundo. This stone is a migrating stone: over the next one hundred years (or more) it will be passed from person to person.

Migrating stone 5 - Migran en silencio las piedras por el mundo

Migrating Stone 5

Alyson has been invited to Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles, to exhibit migrating stone 5 and give a poetry reading in October 2016

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“Here I am washing the 5th migrating stone at Chalice Well, Glastonbury before it goes off to have words carved into it by Alec Peever.”

Washing a Stone from Alyson Hallett.

New blog

Turquoise - A stone goes home

Alyson has recently started a new blog - click here for latest updates:

Alyson is available for readings, talks, workshops and mentoring. Please send an email to make an enquiry. migratingstones [at]

Archive News

Migrating Stone: 5 - An Invitation

The work for each migrating stone doesn't begin with a plan or a sensible idea but a dream. This year, as I prepare to take the fifth migrating stone on its travels, I'd like to invite you to join me in the dreaming space by asking:

If you could take a stone anywhere in the world,
where would you take it and why?

In the dream space, we don't have to think about practical considerations, there are no limits as to what is possible. Where would you most like to take a stone? How would you get it there? Why is this important to you? When we dream, we migrate past any imagined borders and boundaries and commit to the freedom of our imaginations.

I'd love to hear your answers so please email them, along with your name, to migratingstones [at]  With your permission, a selection of answers will be posted on the website later this year.

On Ridgegrove Hill


Delighted to announce that Alyson's new book, On Ridgegrove Hill, is now published and available from Atlantic Press. This book has been beautifully designed by Phyllida Bluemel and follows on from Alyson's Charles Causley residency in 2015.

Click here for further details and to purchase On Ridgegrove Hill

Readings / Workshops / Residencies / Launches

28 October 2016, 5pm

Torbay Festival - Alyson will be reading as part of a Poetry Salzburg event.

June 2016

Poet in residence, St. Endellion with composer Ruth Chan and artist Julia Giles.

24th July 2015

Book Launch - Fugue Vol. II - an anthology of stories (including one of Alyson's) published by Siren. 6.30 onwards at Enitharmon Editions, 10 Bury Place, London

5th August 2015

Poetry Reading - The View From Salzburg. 8.00 - 9.30. 6 poets published by Poetry Salzburg reading at The Poetry Library, London : further details

26 Sept - 2 Oct 2015

Poet-in-residence at the Appledore Literature Festival. Includes a poetry/geography reading on Wednesday 30th Sept from 6 Days In Iceland with Professor Chris Caseldine.

3 Oct

St. Endellion workshop, Cornwall

8 Oct

Reading in Cardiff Museum for Map, an anthology of poems after William Smith's Geological Map of 1815, ed. Michael McKimm.
Times to be confirmed.

9 Oct

Launch + Reading + Interview - of On Ridgegrove Hill at the Camellia Room, The Falmouth Hotel, Falmouth.


One to one poetry surgeries through the Poetry Society in Bath Library. Please visit The Poetry Society for more information.

Charles Causley poet-in-residence

Alyson has recently been appointed as new the Charles Causley poet-in-residence : click here for further information


8th September 2014 - Cork -

11th September 2014 - Bristol Poetry Festival, Bristol

November 2014 - Launceston - date and place to be confirmed.

Suddenly Everything

Alyson's latest book of poems, Suddenly Everything, has just been published by Poetry Salzburg.

Suddenly Everything

"Suddenly Everything is a book full of marvels in which Alyson Hallett sees the world --- whether it's a 'hare in the moon' in Mexico, the detritus of Istanbul, or the cliffs, footpaths, beaches, and wildlife of her native England --- as if for the first time. Her freshness of vision and freedom of spirit are in the great Romantic tradition, yet she has shaped her own unique sensibility and crafted enduring verse from her questing soul, perceptive eye, and wonderful ear for music." James Harpur

"Suddenly Everything, Alyson Hallett's new collection, is rich in observed intensities, the poems radiating out from the molten core of this poet's imagination and sensibility. Place, and the inwardness of place, human relationship, memory, and travel are the compelling themes here. The poet's energy is productively engaged with the experiencing and voicing of the world in all its richness, while challenge and disruption are darker elements which this poet also explores and masters. Her work reveals a searching, scrupulous intelligence and an exciting willingness to engage language and experience at the deepest level, while retaining measure and control in form and content." Penelope Shuttle

Alyson Hallett's work spans different continents and art forms. She has a poem carved into Milsom Street pavement in Bath, words etched into glass in a library in Bristol, and she runs the international poetry and public art project The Migration Habits of Stones. She currently works as a Fellow with the Royal Literary Fund. Prior to this, she was a Leverhulme-funded poet-in-residence in the University of Exeter's Geography Department. In 2010, she completed a practice-based PhD in Poetry and Geographical Intimacy. She lives in Falmouth, Cornwall. Suddenly Everything is her second full volume of poetry.

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Iona's Migrating Stone

This summer, Alyson sited the 4th migrating stone on the Isle of Iona in Scotland. The stone was welcomed and given a new home by the Iona Community.

The 4th Migrating Stone

Click here for more information.

Prior to its migration to Scotland, the stone was in residence at the Trinity Laban Dance Centre in London. During International Student week, students were invited to bring stones from their home countries which Alyson then made into an installation.

Stone installation at the Laban Centre

Click here for more information

Alyson has been attending Butoh classes with Marie-Gabrielle Rotie in London.

Alyson has been awarded a Hawthornden Fellowship in 2013.

For enquiries about readings, talks, teaching and mentoring, please contact Alyson on: migratingstones [at]