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Tilted Ground

The poems in this book came out of a residency at the Lyell Centre, Heriot-Watt University where Alyson worked with geologists and earth scientists and the well being team.

These are love letters to stone, rock, the earth...The entire assemblage of poems is flexible yet grounded, powered by a stringent passion for stone and for the world and our life experience on the planet.
–Penelope Shuttle

Tilted Ground



Stone Talks

Essays and reflections on working with and making kin with stones.

I will be an avid reader of Stone Talks and I'll tell my friends to keep an eye out for it. I love the way you travel.
–Donna Haraway

Stone Talks



The Golden Bowl

Written when Alyson Hallett was poet in residence at Castello di Potentino, this book is a reflection of her time studying the castle and the wild nature of the Golden Bowl- the valley that surrounds Potentino, on the slopes of Monte Amiata, the second highest volcano in Italy. This book is a wonderful observation of Southern Tuscany, a place, people, and the world created there.

The Golden Bowl



LZRD - Poems from the Lizard Peninsula
Alyson Hallett and Penelope Shuttle

In this collection of poems drawn from the Lizard Peninsula in Cornwall, land is not just alive and singing, it's full of mischief and mystery and power.

Beaches, serpentine stone, cliffs, chips: the Lizard is a prayer book with the pages in a deliberate wrong order.  The Lizard is a church made of celtic air.

Everything is tinged with salt and freshened with a breeze that's fast and furious off the sea. St. Keverne, Cury, Ruan Minor - wherever LZRD goes, it invites you to the party.

This book opens its doors and says come in, come with us as we travel across this magical land.

For further information and to purchase LZRD please visit Indigo Dreams Publishing



Project Boast
65 poems by 29 women poets
edited by Rachel Bentham & ?Alyson Hallett

Generations of disapproval leave their mark - and install beliefs, mindsets and habits so rigid that they are hard to break.

In Project Boast, poets Rachel Bentham and Alyson Hallett seek out contemporary women poets who are speaking out and who are making a fresh mark, registering the straitjacket they have had to wear and celebrating the emerging possibility of real change.

The result is this collection of 65 poems by 29 women poets - poems that are a reminder and a joyous encouragement, a feast and a heartfelt rejoinder.

For further information and to purchase, please visit Triarchy Press

Project Boast




Alyson's latest publication is a pamphlet of poems published by Mariscat Press. Comments include: 'I LOVE her - as fresh as anything, the voice just jumps straight out at you. And the poems make me laugh too.' Jackie Kay

Launch: Lighthouse Books, Edinburgh, Thursday 27th July

North Cornwall Book Festival - Saturday 7th October, 1 pm. Reading with Pascale Petit.

Toots has been shortlisted for the Michael Marks Poetry Award which recognises an outstanding poetry pamphlet published in the UK between 1st July 2016 and 31st July 2017.


For more details see Toots at Mariscat Press.

'Walking, Stumbling, Limping, Falling'

Walking, Stumbling, Limping, Falling

Co-written with walking artist and writer Phil Smith, this book is published by Triarchy Press. It explores cultural perceptions and personal values associated with walking, personal anecdotes, philosophical reflection, practices for daily-life and an alphabet of falling.

For more details see Walking, Stumbling, Limping, Falling at Triarchy Press.

BBC Radio 3 - The Essay

Friday, 13th January 2017, 10.45 pm Alyson will be reading her essay on Chalk.

Read more on the BBC Radio 3 web site



Geographical Intimacy

Drawing upon the work of poets from different continents, physicists, anthropologists, geologists, artists and geographers, this book is a kaleidoscopic exploration of poetry and place. Originally written as research for a PhD, Geographical Intimacy is an easy to read book that explores how we can live on Earth with an open and generous heart.


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“Geographical Intimacy is a pleasure to read, both for Alyson Hallett's appreciation of what poetry is and does and for the directness and clarity with which she addresses a difficult topic ? what is it to be a poet engaged with place. There is a broad range of poetry referenced, from Kathleen Jamie to Kathleen Raine, Octavio Paz to Jeremy Hooker and many more. Above all the book left me with a much clearer sense of the challenges of writing poetry, and so a better appreciation of what, as a result, it is that poets actually do for us. The best recommendation I can give is that as soon as I'd finished the book the first thing I did was order a second copy to send to a poet friend!”

(anonymous review on Amazon)



On Ridgegrove Hill
July 2015


On Ridgegrove Hill, is now published and available from Atlantic Press. This book has been beautifully designed by Phyllida Bluemel and follows on from Alyson's Charles Causley residency in 2015.

Click here for further details and to purchase On Ridgegrove Hill



2014/15 Interviews and Articles

Interview with Penelope Shuttle (published in Raceme) click here to read

Interview with Sharon Olds (published in NAWE magazine) click here to read

Article about Charles Causley (published in Raceme) click here to read




Ithell Says

A video by Janet McEwan. In 2014 Alyson was an invited guest in a project relating to the Merry Maidens stone circle in Cornwall with artists Janet McEwan and Ann Haycock.


click here to watch




Scottish Library Podcast
28 January 2014

A conversation between Alyson and New Zealand poet Lynn Davidson recorded at the Scottish Poetry Library by Jennifer Williams.

full details


Suddenly Everything

Suddenly Everything

Published by Poetry Salzburg

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Six Days in Iceland

Six days in Iceland

Published by Dropstone Press.
Click here for further details

click here to watch a reading from the book by Alyson Hallett and Chris Caseldine



Completion of a practice-based PhD in poetry at St. Mary’s University College, London.

Research focussed upon geographical intimacy and interfusion in poetry.  Click here to read ‘Geographical Intimacy’, an article published in the Lapidus online journal.


The Stone Library

The Stone Library

Released September 2007 by Peterloo Poets.
Click here for full details



The Heart's Elliptical Orbit (Solidus Press)

A book of ten short stories — individual stories previously published by Virago and Serpent’s Tail. Reviews include...

"These are powerful stories, written with spare eloquence, packed with tension, menace and longing. Alyson Hallett is a new talent to watch." Helen Dunmore

"Evocatively fragmented at times, Hallett’s prose leaves the reader in no doubt as to the powerfully unsettling nature of love." Mslexia

(Available from - £7.99)



in the time of crow (Queriendo Press)

An artist’s book of chances made in collaboration with Penelope Downes. Limited edition of 500.

(Available from or



365 - Year of the Artist in the South West (Agre Press)

A book of poems and images created after spending a year as writer-in-residence at South West Arts for Year of the Artist.

(Available from - £9.99)



Towards Intimacy (Queriendo Press)

Artist’s book collection of poems made in collaboration with Penelope Downes. Limited edition of 150.





BBC Radio 4 broadcast, Nature: Migrating Stones.

A programme about Alyson's journey to Australia with the third migrating stone. To hear this programme, please type Radio 4 Nature into your search engine and then scroll down until you reach Nature: Migrating Stones.

Program information on the BBC website

Listen to the broadcast



Three Wise Men

A verse drama commissioned by the University of the West of England and performed in Bristol Cathedral by actors from the Old Vic.



Dear Gerald - Radio 4 Afternoon Play

A radio play weaving together letters, live interview material and fiction. Reviews include....

"This is not a play at all, but a dramatised documentary about the experiences of a 12 year old English boy after he was evacuated to South Africa in 1940. It is a touching, vivid story based on the hundreds of letters Gerald sent to his parents." The Sunday Times, 12.9.99

Chosen for Pick of the Week and Pick of the Year.



Agony (Sky Television)

90 short scripts written and broadcast on Sky Television.